Bizagi version 11.2.1

Released on 05/07/19

In this release

New features, improvements and fixes

New features
Blue Prism RPA integration

Bizagi now supports out-of-the-box integration with one of the leading RPA vendors on the market. This integration allows you to send parameters, trigger the execution and obtain the results of a Blue Prism robot. This enables you to fully automate your processes by delegating manual tasks to a bot. You can use bots previously configured and available in the blueprism dx, and you can even program bots to perform a specific task that is relevant to your Business Scenario.


Bizagi Sites

Create beautiful and rich portals for your Stakeholders with Bizagi Sites. Enjoy complete flexibility for the creation of the entire look and feel of their Work Portal. Bizagi Sites is an application that allows creating one or more rich and ready-to-go portals with easy and powerful options to completely customize the end user’s experience.


Device Specific forms

Create independent forms for mobile phones, tablets and desktops to improve your end user’s experience. Customize each activity to render perfectly for a specific device family (Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop) or go deeper in customization by defining the way an exact device is shown, such as an iPhone X, Nexus 7, iPad 11 or Desktop 1366×768. Rely on our WYSIWYG approach. If no customization is done, the traditional “build once, run anywhere” still applies.


Delete extended localization

Now in the Expert View, Extended localization resources can also be removed. Until now, Extended localization resources could only be added or edited.


CORS Configuration

Aiming to enhance Bizagi Studio’s security, in the environment configuration a new field is created to let you determine what domains can interact with the application.


Delete users on Development and Test environments

Sometimes hundreds of users need to be created in the Development and Test environments for testing purposes, which then need to be manually removed. Now, you can delete multiple users in batch, which share defined parameters.


Upload batch of Parameter entity values

In version 11.2.1 you can upload Parameter entities records in batches from the Work portal. With the help of an Excel template, fill-in the desired records and upload them to Bizagi. In previous versions, you could only add a record of your parametric entities one by one.


Allow Active Directory groups within Bizagi group

Include AD groups for the definition of Bizagi Studio’s security for teamwork collaboration. Up until now only individual users could be included.


Disable user from Stakeholder

Now, from the Work Portal Stakeholder’s administration you can disable Associated Users.


Multiple factor authentication is now available for Windows Authentication
Excel Connector improvements
  • You can now activate an advance mapping option in the out-of-the-box Excel connector, to select the target of your actions dynamically. With this option, you can overwrite the generic definition and select the spreadsheet where an action takes place.
    • Write: The cell in which to write each individual input.
    • Read: The cell to read.
    • Read Range: The range to read.


  • The UX experience of our Excel connector wizard was revamped and it is now more streamlined and intuitive. Making it easier to set up your integration with Excel. Furthermore, special characters can be used (the ones allowed in JSON) in the description.


  • You are now able to manage the spreadsheets you use in your Excel connector for the Test and Production environments. This option is available in the External systems module of the Management Console.


User interface improvements
  • The search bar in the Work Portal has now a bigger font size.


  • The button to collapse the left side bar of the Work Portal has been relocated at the bottom, to avoid accidentally clicking the Back button.


  • The Reassign task button in the Work Portal has been relocated under the name of the task in the left panel.


  • The Release task button has been relocated under the Work Portal ribbon.


Bizagi mobile application improvements

The Bizagi app now has these improvements:

  • New design for the log-in and project’s history
  • Device Specific Forms support, for servers in version 11.2.1
  • New look and feel for Bizagi’s forms
  • Improvements for Android devices:
    • QR code to access project’s URL
    • New design for the preferences menu
  • For iPhones, we improved navigation experience with a new navigation bar
  • Framework Connector logs are now more accessible:
    • For Automation Server they can be found at:
      [BizagiInsatallationPath]\Bizagi Studio\ConnectorsService\framework\Logs\Connectors\[ProjectName]
    • For Automation Service they will be stored as Traces in Management Console Web
  • Now, when using QueryEntity method, if you don’t set an attribute as sort criteria, the response will have an extra column with the id of the entity and the result will be sorted using this attribute. Before, when no order criteria were specified, the results were retrieved disordered.