Bizagi version 11.2.2

Released on 06/04/19

In this release

New features, improvements and fixes

New features
RPA integration with Automation Anywhere

Bizagi now supports out-of-the-box integration with one of the leading RPA vendors on the market. This integration allows you to send parameters, trigger the execution of an Automation Anywhere robot. This enables you to fully automate your processes by delegating manual tasks to a bot.
You can use bots previously configured and available in the Bot Store, and you can even program bots to perform a specific task that is relevant to your Business Scenario.


Advanced Offline Forms

Bizagi offline capability allows users to create or work on cases without network connection from their mobile devices. The offline cases are temporally stored in an outbox and they are synchronized (submitted) when a network connection is available.


Clean up your projects deleting unused objects

Bizagi allows you to identify the unused elements in your projects and lets you decide whether you want to remove them to save storage of your project’s database.


New ribbon menu: Export/Import

A new ribbon menu is available: Export/Import. You can perform deployments, microdeployments and share and import processes from there.


Dynamic Rules Tracer

In previous versions, debugging an expression in Activity Actions demanded using functions like CHelper.Trace to trace the rule using text files for its evaluation after executed. Bizagi now offers a new feature to trace an expression in runtime that dynamically displays values of variables and XPaths while the rule is executed. This feature is available in the development environment for tracing Scripting rules set on Activity Actions. Once triggered, the Dynamic Rules Tracer lets to run the expression line by line and display the values of variables and XPaths, as a rule is executed.


Share processes among Bizagi Studio projects

You can now share your processes data along the process model between different Bizagi Studio projects.


Transfer stored query forms with Permission Manager

A new option is available in the Queries menu of the Work Portal where you can transfer stored queries from a user to another. After the queries are transferred the previous owner will lose permissions. Users who have been shared the query, will not be affected by this action.


Go to Inbox after finishing all pending tasks

A new button displays when you’re done with all your pending activities so you can go back to your inbox. You can also set from your preferences if you want to go directly back to your inbox after your click Next on your last pending activity in a case.


New Management Console Web (for Automation Service Enterprise customers)

Automation Services Customers running in version 11.2.2 can enable on demand the new Management Console web (MC web) that includes most options available in the traditional Management Console. It has an amazing web design and comes with new features for deployments. Some considerations apply, as there are options that are still executed from the traditional MC (cases deletion, user groups, admin passwords and working time schema).

Customize maintenance window (for Automation Service Enterprise customers)

With the new Management Console Web, you can set a customized message to appear to all end users when they open the Work Portal during the maintenance period.


Show upcoming maintenance message (for Automation Service Enterprise customers)

With the new Management Console Web, you can configure a message to be displayed announcing an upcoming maintenance, or any other important messages to be shared among end users of the Work Portal. The message configured is informative; the Maintenance window should be manually started.


Synchronizing users from Azure AD using the SCIM protocol (for Automation Service Enterprise customers)

Automation Service customers now can synchronize users between Azure AD and Bizagi using the System for Cross-domain Identity Management protocol (SCIM). This protocol provides a REST API that lets Azure AD Administrators managing user identities in a single directory and synchronize users in Bizagi. Services allow to Create, Read, Update, or Disable users in the WFUser table.
This integration permits centralization of user administration without third-party applications, reducing failure points, and increasing the governability of multiple cloud-based applications used in organizations. The protocol relies on commercial authentication, authorization, and privacy models, which makes this integration flexible for our cloud-offer customers.

RPA now supports different environments

When using RPA, you may want to use different Bot managers of the same vendor. Bizagi now lets you choose which one is called by your development, test, or production environment. That means you can choose each environment calls which Orchestrator (UiPath)Blue Prism Server or Control Room (Automation anywhere). With this, Bizagi grows along with the development of your RPA strategy.


Excel connector: Write range action and name support

Now our out-of-the-box Excel connector has a new Action called Write read action. This action writes the information of your collections into a range of cells in your Excel file. Additionally, you can now identify your cells and ranges with the name that you’ve given them in Excel.


Allow the edition of the field name in user properties

Now, from the Expert View it is possible to modify the customized user properties name and display name. Up to now these fields were not allowed for edition.


Scheduler 2.0 (optional)

There is a new version available of the scheduler that you can opt to use in projects that demand high performance and execute considerable number of jobs. The new scheduler performance is improved for faster execution of Jobs using multithreading capabilities, enhanced reliability, and queued execution considering a priority. The Scheduler can be updated seamlessly to end-users and avoids clogs or deadlocks of jobs because they are always queued and executed. It is fully compatible with the Scheduler 1.0 because you can upgrade or downgrade anytime.


Enhanced security for massive user deletion

Security for massive user deletion in development or test environments has been enhanced, now the unique authorization supported to generate the token (Id client) that allows the massive deletion is OAuth 2.0. Up to now, the basic authorization was also supported.


Avoid post deployment temporary files cleanup (for Automation Service Enterprise customers)

When deploying in Automation Service, it is no longer needed to post a ticket for post deployment activities.

Bizagi Studio Pen Drive Edition Improvements

Bizagi Studio Pen Drive Edition has the following improvements:

  • Now, you can create projects hosted in the central server using Bizagi Studio Pen Drive edition. In the previous version, you could only open existing projects.
  • You can now download several ready-to-use executable Processes from our Process Xchange and install them in the central server.
Live Process improvements
  • Live Processes’ shape names are also edited by double clicking on them, instead of just by pressing F12.
  • Live Processes diagram and form editor now support IE11 (and higher) and Microsoft Edge v41.16299.492 & Microsoft EdgeHTML v16.16299 or higher.
  • Selecting the performers for a Live Process task is now easier. The view changed from a tab to a radio button where you can select which performers are added.


Deployment Improvements
  • When you create a new version of a process, and it is deployed to test or production environments, Bizagi now clones Alerts and Sensors from the previous version in the target environment, in the new process version seamlessly to the end user. This improvement is available for both One Click and Advanced Deployment.
  • You can now do the following during an advanced deployment:
    • Add a description to the deployment, where you can list the processes, entities and other objects included in the package
    • Filter and search processes to be deployed
    • Select all items
  • When you deploy the BEX file using the createImport executable, in Advanced Deployment, now you can create a snapshot of the source database. This can help you to easily revert the database if there is an external issue affecting the database in the deployment procedure.



User interface improvements
  • Collapse side panels: End users can now select in their Preferences, if the sidebars of activities are collapsed by default whenever a form is opened.
  • File Upload icon is now darker.


  • The Activity Actions window now has more space to fit your business rules. A tooltip appears with the action’s complete name when you hover the mouse pointer over the action. The UI for this menu had an update and now looks fresher and crisp.


  • Ensuring data consistency is one of Bizagi’ s priorities. Due to undesired effects we have restricted the option to change any Application’s name.
  • Issues when sorting users have been solved.
  • An error message used to appear when opening reusable query forms.
  • There were some deployment problems regarding null values in parameter entities.
  • Sometimes when accessing the Work Portal an Error 500 was triggered.
  • Issues advancing cases with plans have been solved.
Version Updates