Customer Portal version 2.0.3

Released on 12/04/20

In this release

Customer Portal – Enterprise

New features
Accounts Manager

Customers can now configure and manage identity providers to authenticate users in all Bizagi cloud-based services: Modeler, Studio, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Insights.

Administrators can access the Customer Portal to create and set their identity provider as a self-service feature. This change empowers customers to manage their authentication, as they no longer need to contact Bizagi’s support team to change or configure their identity provider.


Role Group management

Administrators can create role groups to combine multiple roles, like subscription owners or subscription viewers, into ONE group. Group users inherit all the permissions associated with the included roles.


Manage portals’ session expiration times

Administrators can define the expiration times of all Bizagi cloud-offering portals. This helps customers to tighten their security policies through session times management.


Improvements when updating user’s roles or permissions

Administrators, subscription owners, and model or project owners can manage users changing their roles or permissions over resources. When the administrator changes the role or permissions, the modified user can see the changes immediately, without needing to sign out.

Customer Portal – Modeler Workgroup & Studio Collaboration Trial Subscriptions

New features
New Customer Portal for Modeler Workgroup & Studio Collaboration Trial Subscriptions

Modeler Workgroup and Studio Collaboration Trial users now have access to the new Customer Portal. This centralized portal allows users to manage their collaboration strategy by facilitating the administration of all subscription users, and the controlled exchange or models and projects.