Fall 2022

Released on 09/30/22


PaaS General Availability version including amazing improvements:

  • New OAuth options for cloud based external APIs.

  • Actions and Validations in Studio's Form Designer, come with a new design.

  • Improvements in Sites include a new layout design to organize and visualize content, a side menu to ease page navigation and improved configuration for all controls.

In this version

The following list includes improvements or fixes that enhance existing features and procedures.

New features, improvements, and fixes

The following list consists of features, improvements, and fixes that are relevant to this update.

New features

Layout pages

In order to improve the responsiveness of Bizagi Sites design, a new type of page has been introduced: the Layout page. This type of page is characterized by the inclusion of a grid that simplifies the organization of the Sites' controls, with the intention of replacing free diagramming and improving the user experience.


Sites Controls in Layout Pages

In order to adapt to the users' needs, the organization and Manage Content options in Layout pages controls, in Bizagi Sites, have been simplified, improving their menu, addition, and modification.


Side menu

Sites’ pages can be rearranged in a modern side menu, so you can make your Site more accessible and organized.


You can define the style of sections and pages in the side menu, including a logo.

List collection and Small card controls

Two new controls have been added to the list of Collection controls: List collection and Small card. Both controls allow you to represent the information contained in the forms of a collection by means of a list of cards.



Scorecards control

The Scorecards control has been added to the list of Experience Elements controls, allowing you to display fixed information inside cards, either as a score or as a value.


You can define the font and the color of the text displayed on the card, as well as its background and border color.

Change Favorite Icon and Site Title

Now users can change the favorite icon and title of a site, either when creating the site or by editing its settings.


Embedded Power BI control

There is a new control in Bizagi Sites that allows users to display content from Power BI, with it now is possible to embed your company reports and dashboards directly on the pages of your Bizagi Sites. Additionally, end-users can filter the reports using the filters configured within the Embedded Power BI control.


File Explorer control

The File Explorer control allows users to upload and download files, whether fixed or dynamic data. These files can be displayed in different formats.



Pre-designed pages – Page settings

The pre-designed pages functionality helps users to create pre-designed pages without the need to have design or technical knowledge of the application.



  • Create pre-designed pages with predefined controls
  • Change the URL/slug of the pages
  • Add new fields to the pages to improve their identification (Icon)
OAuth2.0 Authorization Code Grant for connectors

There is a new grant type when using OAuth2.0 as an authentication protocol in your connectors: Authorization Code Grant. This grant type allows you to exchange an authorization code for an access token. Authorization Code Grant is available for both Easy REST and Custom connectors, and you can configure it from the Connector Editor or Bizagi Studio’s Expert view.


Actions and Validations wizard design

The Actions and Validations wizard interface has been updated to improve the user experience when defining the behavior of a form. Now it is possible to name each rule and perform advance searches (using filters) throughout its entire content.



New controls' design for Layout pages

There's a new design for multiple controls with the introduction of Layout pages. This design improves responsiveness and modifies the behavior of the following controls:

  • Item Description
  • Image Gallery
  • Image Carousel
  • Card Link
  • List View
Side panel for controls configuration

Now, control configurations are set in a side panel when working with Layout pages.


Multiple links in collection controls

Now, in the Item Description and List View collection controls, you can configure up to 4 and 3 links (respectively) from the Manage Content menu.

Collection’s global link

Within the dynamic content of a collection control, there is a new option to define a global link to a contextualized page. With this all the elements of the collection directed to the same page.


Content Manager design – My Relevants

The header content manager layout was improved by adding control options to access the content manager quickly.


  • The position of the administration menu in the header to the left side of the page changed, so that changes can be dynamically observed.
  • The image borders and colors to use the current site colors were updated.
  • The arrow buttons to change the image position were removed, now it is possible to do it by dragging the image inside the container to the desired position.
My Relevants control design

Improvements were made in the design of my-relevants control.


Main Menu Changes
  • The position of the site information and the current page was relocated to be more visible. The actions “undo” and “redo” were hidden since they can be found as instructions in the keyboard shortcut menu.
  • The controls menu will be placed at the top to avoid overlapping with the side menu of the site when it is active. The actionable icons of the page menu have been hidden and will only appear when hovering over each page to avoid overwhelming the user navigation. The delete page icon has been removed from the menu since the delete option is located within the submenu of each page.


Design Improvements

The checkbox is relocated to the left side of the text to maintain consistency with other site controls.


Improved performance of forms from sites

The response time of forms within Bizagi Sites pages has been improved, either for starting a new process or to open a case.

Blocking the opening of 11.2.5 projects using a recent version of Studio 12

A validation has been included in Studio version 12.0 (and later) to block the opening of 11.2.5 projects.


Subscription compatibility

Now it is not possible to login to a version 11.2.5 or below subscription from the Studio version 12 application.


Projects compatibility

Now projects above version 12 are not available from Studio desktop application version 11.2.5.

Changes in the validation of all rules

The Validate rules feature has been updated to align it with the cloud-only strategy. Now, the validation report is saved in the local path where you extracted Bizagi Studio Portable.