Modeler version 3.4

Released on 06/06/19

In this release

New features, improvements and fixes

New features
Set proxy configuration

Now, it is possible to set your Proxy configuration selecting the new Proxy tab on the Bizagi Modeler Options window. You can either autodetect it, set Http, socks4, socks5 or select the No proxy configuration.


Hide artifacts from the View tab of the Ribbon

New Ribbon’s view tab option that lets you visually hide the artifacts in the diagram when ticked. It does not allow to include new artifacts if the option is enabled.


New publishing preferences options: Exclude artifacts and Black and white

Two new options can be now enabled from the Publish tab of the Ribbon:

  • Exclude artifacts: When enabled, artifacts are excluded from the publishing.
  • Black and white: When enabled, diagrams are published in the Black and white format.


New option to enable shapes’ automatic text edition

This new option allows you to enable the edition of text either automatically (enabled) or manually (disabled). It is enabled by default.


Fit to text

Now, it is also possible to resize tasks for its text to be totally visible by selecting the Fit to text option which appears right clicking the task. Previous versions only allowed the use of this property for text shapes.


Special paste

Now, right clicking or from the Ribon’s clipboard, end users can select which elements to paste into diagrams and what format to use within: only lanes, only lanes with default formatting, no lanes with custom formatting, no lanes with default formatting, or the default formatting.

Until now, when users copied diagram elements and pasted it, all the elements of the clipboard were inserted by default in the diagram keeping the source formatting.


Ribbon’s view tab preferences regrouped

Now the Ribbon’s view tab preferences have been grouped by: Render, Highlight, Show, Freeze, Alignment options. It is more user friendly and congruent now.Now it is possible to go back to a previously visited process diagram by selecting a back button.


Change text background color

Bizagi Modeler look and feel has been improved, now it is possible from the Ribbon’s home tab to choose and include a background color for text fields by selecting the color formatting option. Up to now only some palette elements background color could be modified.


Highlight validation error messages

Bizagi Modeler is more user friendly now, every time that you select an error message from the diagram validation section, the diagram element that presents the error highlights.


Relative path check-box behavior enhanced

The relative path check-box for the extended attribute linked file has been improved:

  • It is enabled when an attached file is saved in the same local path that the model.
  • It is disabled when the model has not been saved, if the attached file is not saved at the same local path where the model is, if the attribute has no attached file.
  • It is hidden if the model is saved in Cloud.


Link events error validations

According to the BPMN 2.0 regarding link events, the following error validation messages have been added:

  • There should be only one Catch link event with the same name in a process.
  • There should be a Throw Link event with the name “Link event name” in the same process


Web application’s process viewer performance improved

We have improved the performance efficiency of the Web application process viewer. Rendering diagrams is now 92% faster.

Printing validation

New validation appears if a user selects either Print, Quick Print or Print Preview options from the file tab of the ribbon without having selected at least one diagram.


Publish to Web improved
  • Navigating through a Web Publishing is easier. Now, each time that you type values on the search control, the application looks for them in all the published elements. Up to now, it only searched for them in diagram titles.
  • Formatted text descriptions can be now previewed on the Web publishing description section. Up to now, only plane text could be previewed.
  • Now, it is possible to preview which diagram elements have attached files by clicking a button that highlights the shapes that contain them.


Sub-processes navigation in web publishing has been improved. Now it is possible to move from child to parent processes and vice versa by selecting either Go to parent process or called by buttons.


Extended attributes’ description can be seen now in the web publishing by selecting the Show description button.


The Web publishing menu can be now collapsed and expanded by clicking the collapse button on the top right of the menu.


Presentation mode for desktop application improvements

According to the BPMN 2.0 regarding link events, the following error validation messages have been added:

  • The look and feel of the presentation mode for desktop has been standardized regarding the Web publishing: icons, collapse buttons, pop-up windows are now equivalent.
  • Now each time a pop-up window opens, it is possible to resize it and/or work on the application by selecting a blank space out of the pop-up. Up to now, it was not possible to resize, and if a pop-up window appeared, the diagram could not be managed.
Define default settings for shape colors

Now it is possible to customize the default colors and font type of the following shapes: Pool, Tasks, Sub-processes, Events (Start, Intermediate, End), Gateways, Data Objects, Data Stores, Groups, Annotations and Formatted Text artefacts. Up until now Bizagi offered the option to customize the sizes of BPMN elements and artefacts.

Add/Edit options of the extended Combo Radio and Multiple attributes

The user interface of the Combo, Radio and Multiple attributes options editor has been improved:

  • Resize the editor window
  • Filter the items on the list
  • Delete items on the list, selecting a deletion button
  • Sort the list by dragging them
  • Alphabetically sort the list items
  • Add list items from a .TXT file (Combo attribute only)

Show the spelling edition window

It is now possible to display the spelling edition window by clicking the icon, instead of having to select the spelling icon from the home tab of the ribbon to display it. Up until now, when a user selected the spelling mistakes check box from the view tab of the ribbon, an icon appeared indicating a spelling mistake.


Simulation is now part of the premium features. Only users in Professional, Workgroup (Trial included) and Enterprise can use this functionality. Why do we have this change? Bizagi Modeler offers simulation using a simulation Engine called L-SIM from Lanner ( In the past they provided the component for free, but now Lanner is charging Bizagi for distributing this component. Thus, Bizagi is moving the simulation capabilities to the paid tier of Modeler Services.

  • Visualization of Web publishing in Mobile devices has been improved. Now, open diagrams with lesser clicks, and reach the smallest buttons easier.
  • Issues regarding the minimization of pop up windows has been improved. Up to now, when a pop-up window was maximized the minimization button did not appear.
  • Disable Bold, Italic, Underline and/or Strikethrough formatting options Now it is possible to disable these formatting options selecting the elements that have these properties enabled. Up to now it was not possible to disable them because they appeared not to be selected.
  • Issues regarding connector’s text box have been improved. Now the text stands on the connector every time it is moved. Up to now for instance, if a sequence flow was moved, the text did not move with it, it stood on its original place.
  • An Issue that crashed the application before starting in some machines are solved from the version forward.