Modeler version 3.7

Released on 04/01/20

In this release

The following list includes improvements or fixes that enhance existing features and procedures.

New features, improvements and fixes

New features
New installer with no administrative rights

Some organizations have strict security measures restricting users to install new software on their computers. This improvement to our installer seeks to overcome that situation by allowing non-admin users to install Bizagi Modeler desktop application without admin rights.

Customer Portal for Enterprise customers

Enterprise Modeler administrators now have a new portal, called Customer Portal, specially designed as the place where subscription managers can administer the users of all the Bizagi cloud products in a centralized manner. The Customer Portal enables the organization of different hierarchy levels. It introduces the ability to manage all users, access rights and job groups in a centralized website for all your platforms. 

The Customer Portal replaces the User Management option in the Modeler’s web application. From this release on, all the user management of our cloud services are centralized in the Customer Portal.

Identity provider change

If you are using SSO Azure or ADFS, with the upgrade to version 3.7 your IT team needs to perform adjustments in your Identity Provider:

  • Azure AD

          Change the URI, visit: Azure Ad configuration, step 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6
          Current URL:
          Change URL to:

  • ADFS

          Change the WS-Federation protocol, visit: ADFS configuration, step 1.6
          Current URL
          Change URL to:

Subscription resources for Enterprise and Workgroup plans

A new option is available on the User menu where Enterprise and Workgroup subscription owners can access their subscription settings. This new option lets them share resources (roles) across all the models in the subscription by importing them from a file generated in Bizagi Modeler Desktop. Editors can then use these resources in their own models assigning them in RACI properties.


Subscription extended attributes for Enterprise and Workgroup plans

Enterprise and Workgroup subscription owners now can access their subscription settings from the User menu. They can import extended attributes to share them across all models in their subscription by using the existing option in Modeler Desktop. Editors can document their processes using these global attributes.


Documentation Profiles

Bizagi Modeler has improved the user experience when publishing documentation by allowing users to:

  • Save the publication configuration (documentation profile) as part of the model, so another editor could use it later.
  • Use an existing documentation profile to publish the documentation.
  • Modify or delete existing documentation profiles.
Payment Portal new appearance (Available october 20)

The Payment Portal has a new appearance that improves the users experience managing their subscriptions:

  • Now it is possible to activate or cancel the Workgroup trial from the Payment Portal.
  • Subscribers to the Professional plan can now change the payment cycle (Monthly / Annual) at any time.
  • The billing information and cancel subscription journeys have been improved.


New Appearance

Version 3.7 of Bizagi Modeler comes along with a whole new interface in the web portal. Enhanced user interface and friendlier user experience.


New Publish wizard

The publish wizard has been improved to let the users easily search, select and order the desired diagrams, processes and elements to include. Furthermore, the new wizard lets you filter the elements by role or by element type.


Other Improvements
  • Performance improvements dragging shapes.
  • Performance improvements selecting shapes.
  • Performance improvements scrolling models.
  • Extended attributes on pool level were not visible in the portal.
  • A ‘Reset layout’ option was added in the View menu of the application to allow users to go back to the default layout of the panels in the application and serve as a workaround when the properties panel does not appear.
  • Fixed an issue that avoided opening the Resources window.
  • Fix an issue exporting a model to XPDL when the diagram names contain tab characters.
  • Notifications for updated diagrams were interrupting work. We fixed this.
  • The desktop search now treats the ‘-‘ character as a word separator, so more results can be included.
  • The maximum length of the text for Text Annotation shapes was increased to 250 characters, it was 100 characters.
  • When the browser is in a language that is not supported by the Modeler portal, English is selected.
  • Fixed a scenario where extended attribute values can be lost.
  • Text annotation edition used to finish abruptly when maximum text length was reached.
  • When deleting a task and then undoing changes, sequence flows used to get disconnected.
  • Resources whose name contains a dot character (.) cause the simulation to fail. We fixed this problem.
  • Fixed an issue in search indexation process that avoided finding processes in cross model linking.
  • After refreshing the user subscription, renaming a folder on cloud did not synchronize on desktop. This issue is solved.
  • It wasn’t possible to resize the Print Preview window.
  • Shapes used to be added in wrong place from pie menu.
Version Updates