Modeler version 3.8

Released on 12/04/20

In this release

New features, improvements and fixes

New features
Process Library, your corporate process repository

Modeler 3.8 comes with a new corporate process repository, the Process Library (Enterprise, Workgroup, Professional and Personal).

The Process Library is the place where all the company process diagrams, and value chains are stored. It has a great design with two new views that enable easy navigation for your end users. It serves as a single source of truth for your corporate strategy.

Process Library2.gif

The new Process Library introduces these capabilities for Enterprise users:

  • Share all published processes and value chains within your company in a centralized location.
  • Discover the Process Library from the Value Chain: end users can view how processes are aligned and add value to the company value chain.
  • Discover the Process Library menu through process levels. This structure shows the published processes ordered by hierarchy, defined with parent-son relationships with other diagrams.
  • Create and publish reviews of the Value Chain diagrams, along with a better visualization of them.
  • Read-only view for all employees to navigate and understand the processes’ documentation.
Customizable elements of the Process Library

In the new Process Library, it is now possible for Enterprise users to customize the look and feel of the models and its elements with a predefined list of colors. The banner image can be customized, along with the colors of the elements in the model.


Go to Parent Button

A new button in the Process Library allows users to navigate from a process to its parent element. This navigation enables users to identify when a process is used (or called), from one or more parent diagrams, and eases the navigation through their hierarchy.

New Customer Portal version (2.0.3)

There is a new version of the Customer Portal that improves and eases the management of users in the Modeler subscriptions. It was launched on the 4th of December 2020, for more information head over to their respective release notes.

Enhanced process editor

The new process editor has several improvements: from a brand-new look and feel, to improvements in terms of usability. Some of the improvements included are:

  • Graphic support for high-resolution screens (up to 4k). Now, users can model all their processes in high-resolution screens.
  • Enhanced look and feel for our modelling options (Ribbon, Palette, element properties.)
  • New paste options. These options can be used directly in the workspace, or through the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+V). When doing so, a shadow will appear to show the users where the copied elements will be pasted.


Desktop Application Look & Feel improvements

Several improvements were made in the appearance of the desktop application to achieve a cleaner and clearer style for users. The Ribbon has been reorganized and the account settings have been moved to a new Account Menu inside the main menu, with more information detailing the logged user.

Desktop Improve1600.gif

Forgot Password feature integrated

The “Forgot Password?” feature is now integrated with Enterprise and Non-Enterprise plans. Now, when users forget their password in the desktop application, they will be redirected to the sign in page to recover their password.

Custom mapping when Importing from Visio

Now, users can do a customized mapping when importing diagrams from Visio. This way users can define what to map into for the objects that are not recognized by Bizagi.


Improvements on user invitations to Workgroup paid or trial plans

Now, when inviting users that already belong to a Workgroup trial to YOUR Workgroup paid or trial plan, the Customer Portal displays a message stating that invited users cannot be added to the subscription. The message indicates that these users must cancel their Trial before sending the invitation again.


Manage models user interface improvements

Managing processes from the Process Library is now easier and has been optimized to display the same interface as the Customer Portal, so users can manage models in the same way.


Multiple Model Owners

Now a Process Model can have more than one user designated as Model owner. Up until now only one owner was available.


Save in Cloud by default

The save button in the toolbar now saves all models in Bizagi Modeler’s cloud repository, by default. If the user wants to save the model locally, the Save window presents the More save options link which opens the Save As option from the File Menu.

For opened diagrams, the button saves the changes of the diagram in its current location.


Include folder structure for Premium documentation publishing

Now, when your diagrams are saved using a nested diagram of two levels or more, you can choose to include such hierarchy in the Web or SharePoint documentation publishing.


Language Menu is now more visible

The language menu has been moved to the top of the Ribbon as an individual menu.


Upgrade Plan journey has been improved

The look & feel of the upgrade window has been changed. Now, the subscription is automatically refreshed in Bizagi Modeler Desktop Application after you purchase a Plan so you can use the paid features. Before, you needed to manually restart the application to enable the paid features.



Process Library button in the desktop application

The option to open the Process Library has been renamed from to Process Library. The button is available even if you don’t have a Cloud diagram opened. Furthermore, this option has been moved to the Discover menu.

Compliance Notification emails update (Enterprise)

The notification emails of the compliance feature (My Processes) have been updated, including the publication, acceptance, and update emails of a process.

Local Collaboration for Workgroup and Enterprise plans

Users in Workgroup and Enterprise plans can work collaboratively in the definition of their process models by saving their models on premises, as well as in the cloud.

  • Feature enhancement - Now, after signing in from your desktop application, if you go through a link to the Modeler web application, you will be asked to sign in again in your browser as an additional security step.
  • Feature enhancement - The desktop Search feature now treats the hyphen (-) character as a word separator. This enables more results to be found.
  • Feature enhancement - The maximum length for Text Annotation shapes was increased from 100 to 250 characters.
  • Feature enhancement - When deleting a Task and then undoing changes, the sequence flows attached to said Task were being disconnected.
  • Feature enhancement - When a model contained Resources with a dot character (.) the simulation failed.
  • Feature enhancement - An issue was fixed in the advanced Search option, that restricted finding processes in Cross model linking.
  • Feature enhancement - When a folder or a diagram name started with a number, these were sorted incorrectly. This issue has been solved.
  • A ‘Reset layout’ option was added in the View menu of the application to allow users to go back to the default layout of the panels in the application.
  • The Resource window did not open correctly when it contained special characters from Russian or Chinese languages.
  • There was a problem exporting a model to XPDL when the diagram names contained tabbed characters.
  • An unexpected behaviour occurred when a notification of an update to a diagram arrived while having the Activities tab opened. Changes in the Activities tab were lost.
  • Fixed a scenario where the documentation entered to Extended Attributes was lost.
  • When the maximum length allowed in Text annotation fields was reached, the control closed abruptly.
  • It was not possible to resize the Print Preview window.
  • When a user tried to sign in and an error occurred, a blank window appeared that avoided users from continuing with the log in process. This error was fixed.
Version Updates