Version updates 11.1.2

Released on 03/20/19

In this version

  • Now only Live Process owners can publish their processes.
  • Issues releasing activities have been solved.
  • Failure notifications for email integration tasks now show the correct messages.
  • User time zone for BAM reports has improved accuracy.
  • Improvements on XPaths context on emails to avoid missing values.
  • When virtualizing entities, Bizagi now avoids using special characters on attribute names to make sure queries work correctly.
  • Value assignation for advanced mapping is fixed, allowing the compatibility with the resulting JSON after the data transformation.
  • Layout problems when opening forms have been solved.
  • Pagination in queries has been improved, it now works correctly no matter the type of query.
  • The Profiles search in the Work Portal now includes display name and results are ordered alphabetically.
  • Improved support for Unicode characters in text fields.
  • Issues performing one click deployment when an attribute’s name includes the string “EXEC” have been solved.

  • The Layout configuration option in search forms is now disabled by default.
  • Management Console now includes Live Process in Authorization for security.
  • When deleting CurrentAssignee information on maintenance tasks, workitem records are not erased anymore.
  • Issues with many to many relationship metadata inconsistencies have been solved.
  • Now credentials are verified as not null when a request is executed on the SOA Layer.
  • After an action button is executed and an error occurs, the button is enabled again.
  • Query analysis now doesn’t show errors when empty spaces are inputted.
  • Improved Chinese and Special characters support.
  • The decision trees in the Work Portal are now allowed to edit a Boolean type column through a click.
  • The nested tabs are working correctly, their contents are preloaded before rendering them.